NO PARENTS or VISITORS are allowed in the classrooms!You will be invited to view on certain days at the end of each class. 



No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes.  Good attendance is essential to you or your child's progress. You or your child may attend another section of his/her class during the week to make up a missed class.



Should be within 5-10 minutes of the beginning and end of class. Older students may not hang out at the studio when they are not in class, unless given specific instruction.



Arriving late for class is disruptive to the class and it is unfair to the student.  All students must arrive on time.



We will follow all East Baton Rouge Parish School closures due to inclement weather.



Students' class placement will be determined according to the age, ability, and maturity of the student. Final decision is based on the instructor.  Students over the age of 12 will be placed in either an advanced performance class as determined by their ability on the first day of class.



Any items found at the studio are placed in the lost and found bin at the studio. FTLD is not responsible for any items, which are left, lost or stolen at or from  the studio.  Please return to the studio immediately to retrieve a forgotten item.  Label all shoes and clothing items.



If, for any reason, it becomes necessary to withdraw from a class, please notify the studio by written letter, before the first of the next month to avoid tuition being charged again.  Tuition and other fees will continue to be charged one month post withdrawal. No refunds. Please, try to drop earlier than November 5th; As we have students preparing for showcase, we would like to keep a consistent  environment for our trainees.  After this date, you will be responsible for paying tuition through the following month. 



 To take part in our programs, every student enrolling has to pay a $75 registration fee.

Loyalty discount applies for retuning movers after 1 full season or more. 



 Tuition is figured on a yearly basis, which includes 11 months of classes and holidays.

(August through May Tuition is charged)

>$75.00 Fall Registration fee per student<

A completed registration form must be submitted with Fall Registration Fee or before your first class is completed.




$95.00 per month=1 class

$115.00 per month=2 classes

$145.00 per month = 3 classes

$165.00 per month=4 classes

$185.00 per month= 5 classes


> Cash

> Pay by phone with a debit or credit card.

> Auto-charge on the 1st of each month/Electronic payment.


Tuition is due on the First Day of each month. A 10% late fee or $10 late fee (whichever is greater) will be added to accounts not paid by the 5th DAY of each month regardless of the day of the week the 5th falls on (NO EXCEPTIONS.)  NO REFUNDS or deductions are given if a child misses class for any reason. Students will be dropped from the class roll if any account goes past 30 days past due.


We will be presenting our annual pre-recorded showcase screening at the beginning of June. Each registered student is required to participate in showcase. Community events are optional...The showcase participation fee is $175 and applies to each individual mover. The fee is billed toward our production team, guest instructors (Acting and vocal coaches) and the venue where we’ll hold our annual showcase screening. All showcase participation fees are due in November.  There will be NO REFUNDS for showcase participation fees if student drops.


Costumes fees are due in August, and costumes are ordered in February for the winter showcase in June. There will be NO REFUNDS for costume fees if student drops.

>All combo class costume fees are $160.00 per student

>Additional or single classes (Hip-Hop, TumblingXJazz Intermediate, TumblingXJazz MM1, Contemporary) are $75.00


All ballet class leotards will be color coded by level, each student will need the leotard in connection to their assigned level. Customized leotards will be available for purchase at the front desk. 

Mini Movers 1&2> Customized ballet leotard, pink tights, ballet and tap shoes.

Combo classes (Jazz/Ballet)> Customized ballet leotard, black tights.. change of clothes for Jazz- Tights and t-shirt/sports bra


Hip-Hop> Loose fitting attire, and sneakers


Contemporary-Modern> Form fitting dance attire (all black)


Leaps & Turns> Form fitting dance attire (any color)


Stretch> non-restricting attire. 

Bungee> Bike shorts required! Any other fitted clothing.