*PENDING (Age groups/ADULTS all ages 18+)

   Ballet basics is a standard class created for adults that desire the fit benefits that come from ballet training . Adults that take this class will learn to master the basics of beginners ballet. This includes class etiquette, vocabulary terms, posture, placement, balance, strength, and flexibility. 


(Age groups/levels: Beg. 7yrs-10yrs, Intermediate 12yrs-13yrs, Adv. 14yrs+)

Our Leaps and turns classes are an exciting upbeat way for students to advance and master the skill of "leaping and turning". Each level will be challenged through double turns, fouette turns, jete leaps, and choreographed combinations for across the floor training. All material is customized to fit the specific age group and performance ability.


(Age groups/levels: I 3yrs-4yrs, II 5yrs-7yrs

COMBO CLASS I (Age group: 3yrs-4yrs)

The most adorable sweet faces occupy this class. Our mini mover's combo class I, is a combination of ballet and tap. Students will be taught social and motor skills. At this tender age, we focus more on the participation and effort of the student. Each week will be playfully themed with themes such as princess, circus, snowy day,ect. Ballet and tap skills will be intertwined with each theme for both the amusement and educational advancement of the student.

COMBO CLASS II (Age group: 5yrs-7yrs)

Our mini mover's combo class II, is a simple advancement of combo class level I. The students will be required to begin learning vocabulary terms and the disciplines for both ballet and tap. Movers will be swaying across the floor and leaping into the success of the higher class level Ballet I in no time! 

JAZZ Funk Fitness

*PENDING (Age groups/ADULTS all ages 18+)

Our Jazz funk fitness classes are filled with so much fun, funk, and delight! attendees will learn to infuse technique training into fun upbeat choreography and combinations throughout this class time. 


(Age groups/levels: Beg. 7yrs-10yrs, Intermediate 12yrs-13yrs, Adv. 14yrs+)

Our Lyrical classes were created to teach students about the beauty of graceful movement, extensions,and transitions. Lyrical dancing depends on the emotion and character projected from the dancer. We will teach each student the importance of the term "EMOTE", all while keeping graceful movement at the forefront of learning. All choreography and movement will be customized to fit the age group and skill level of the students.


(Age groups/levels: Beg. 7yrs-10yrs, Intermediate 12yrs-13yrs, Adv. 14yrs+)

Students are usually mesmerized by the new dance crazes and stylized movement that we teach within each of our hip-hop classes. Styles like dabb, and songs like Bruno Mar's "That's What I like", are prime examples of the exciting things that we incorporate into each hip-hop classes. All choreography and movement will be customized to fit the age group and skill level of the students.


(Age groups/levels: Intermediate 12yrs-13yrs, Adv. 14yrs+)

The base of this class is built strictly from the creativity of the student. Each student will be challenged to improv, and to combine different patterns of movement to create a statement. 


(Age groups: Beg. 7yrs-10yrs to ADULT)

Take time to thank your body for all of the things that it carries you through daily, by taking our stretch class. Any level of flexibility is welcomed. This class will build your level of flexibility and improve daily comfort, especially if you are one who struggles with tight muscles/aches.


(Age groups: Adv.14+ to Adult)

Bring your body on a sweet journey as we ease into breathing exercises, and still poses. This class was designed with the intent to heal and relax the body. With comfort and gratitude sealed as our class motto.


*NEW* (Age groups: Adult) 

Join in on the fun! In our adult tap class, you can expect to pick up tap terminology, and a quick work out. We offer complementary wine in this class monthly :) 


Beginner Combo, is designed for begging dancers within the age bracket of 7yrs-10yrs. In each class, students will work on mastering basic skills in both ballet and jazz dance styles. 

Intermediate Combo Students ages 12yrs-13yrs will be taught the disciplines of ballet and Jazz training in our intermediate combo class. Core strength, balance, and technical vocabulary terms will be taught to name a few.

Advanced Combo The advanced movers who are apart of this class (14yrs+), will be challenged in the technical parts of ballet and Jazz. Across the floor and barre combinations will be enforced to grow each artist.


*PENDING* Join our adult fitness class, where you'll rotate through a variety of fitness routines. From Calisthenics, to squats,  and core strengthening combinations. Do you have summer bod goals? This is the class for you!